Red T is the Perfect Private Tour for Incoming Guests, Convention Visitors, 
Professionals Moving To Atlanta and Others!

not your average tour guide

Not being a native of Atlanta, Owner Vera Kiser can relate to visitors since she too was an Atlanta visitor over 30 years ago. Not only can she educate you on city history, but she can speak to you honestly about fun things to do, fascinating things to see, good foods to eat, and what to expect while living here or just visiting this unique metropolis. She can also tell you about the not-so-fun things or what to avoid if contemplating a move to Atlanta. 

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As a former Certified Manager of Homeowner Associations, Vera is able to show examples of various dwellings and educate visitors on what they should know if they are considering a particular living environment.

Variety of lifestyles 

Vera’s knowledge of the rental market and home ownership is beyond average considering her former ownership of a rental management company and real estate licensure.  Though she no longer sells homes, she is able to give visitors a more in-depth and honest opinion on Atlanta communities and real-life here.

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The car is as unique as the service she provides. How so? A big part of the Tesla difference isn’t so much about what the cars have as it is about what they don’t have. Since it was built to be an electric vehicle (EV) from the start, Tesla didn’t have to make all of the compromises other car companies have made in order to squeeze EV bits into a car that was never supposed to hold them.   

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The result is a smooth, quick, clean and fascinating riding experience for those who appreciate luxury and efficiency in their lives.  If you want more information, get it straight from Tesla at HERE. Vera doesn’t sell Telsas she just likes the brand.

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